can’t move… too much heat

Is anyone else completely dying from this heat? The gallery was closed today but I actually made up an excuse to go there for a few hours just to sit in the AC. The humidity is immobilizing.

9 thoughts on “can’t move… too much heat”

  1. I am melting in the valley. I don’t have AC in my apartment, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool and the shower. (If I had a waterproof laptop, I bet I’d be getting a lot more work done.)

  2. Yeah… just got a fan for my window. It’s been about 100 even into the late evening out here in the West Valley. Good times.

  3. All work and no A/C make jeremy something something.

    But seriously. A/C busted at work = not fun.

  4. We’ve changed the name of our company to SuperSweatyCat. Does anyone else agree that our sales may drop?

  5. I totally agree, hopefully i have AC in the office in the valley.

    how do you keep your car cool if its parked on the outside no roof? …
    a friend told me about leaving a crack on two windows, using this shade to reflect heat….

    any idea would be appreciated!!

    to make it worse my car is black, but it is beautiful!!! :)

    thank you,

    pd somebody also asked me why do you live in california then?

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