Beat It

Awesome. Thatís all I can say about the experience I had this past Saturday night participating in Robin Taylorís Sacred Drumming Workshop at City Yoga. I have never drummed beforeÖbut love the sound of rhythmic tribal beating and have always had a blast dancing at parties or raves where there was live drumming that augmented the DJís or bands. While I am musically inclined, Iím not formally trained (unless you count belting it out in the shower every morning), so I had a bit of trepidation about actually trying it. That all disappeared the moment I arrived and heard Robin drumming in the middle of the studio where me and 25 or so other women were gathered. She ran us through the basics and at the end of two hours we were rocking the house. I havenít felt so blissful and had so much fun in ages!!
Robinís doing another series of drumming workshops that starts soon (sorry fellas, itís just for us girls) you can go here to register and check her out. I had a super blast and will definitely be there.

One thought on “Beat It”

  1. You might want to check out Drum Downtown – Drum Circles on the Music Center Plaza on Saturday mornings at 10am. It’s free and all hand drums, shakers, tambourines, and other percussion instruments are provided. You can also bring your own. If you’ve never tried it before and balked at the $35 fee for Robin’s class, then this free event is a good option.

    The next Drum Downtown is scheduled for August 6th. Just like the Dance Downtown events, this one is really fun.

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