A Magical Day

Go Lakers!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about basketball. I attribute this to three main factors: 1) my dad isn’t a basketball fan; 2) As a kid, I thought baseball was so much cooler because there was a Mexican pitching no-hitters for the Dodgers; 3) I’m short and just no good at basketball. Still, I’ll follow the Lakers and my beloved Bruins during the basketball season.

I ran into a friend today who works in the Student Activities Center at UCLA. Back before UCLA renovated the Men’s Gym, NBA players would frequently play pickup games in the upstairs gymnasium. I never ran into any players, but today was my lucky day.

I watched the pickup games and then got to meet both Magic Johnson and my favorite former Bruin and Current Memphis Grizzlies pointguard Earl Watson.

Damn, I felt short.

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