It’s not stolen; it’s organic.

fallen1small.jpgA quick trip around Echo Park last weekend with map in hand suggested that might be more effective as art project than substitute for your local farmers market. We did find one monster avocado tree that promises buckets of guacamole when it ripens in a month or two, but you’ll have to do your own reconnaissance to find out where.

3 thoughts on “It’s not stolen; it’s organic.”

  1. Nifty! Given that many of these look to be in front yards, however, and given the proclivities of the neighborhood, someone should overlay the “large dogs of echo park” map.

    BTW, I’ve got an abundant lemon tree (not marked). Will trade for limes!

  2. Ooh, Greg, that’s good news. I have a lime tree and can rarely use them all. Unfortunately I overtrimmed it and am not getting a summer harvest. But there are plenty of bitty ones at the moment so come September I should have oodles.

    I love lemons. I have a great recipe for lemon martinis.

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