Amazon’s 10th Anniversary… has been commemorating its 10th Anniversary by having various celebrities deliver packages to its customers via UPS.

Here’s the rundown on who else has been busy handing out packages in Southern California:

  • July 15th, Hollywood: Fat Joe delivered All Or Nothing.
  • July 15th, Hollywood: Efren Ramirez delivered Napoleon Dynamite.
  • July 13th, Beverly Hills: Tom Arnold delivered a package.
  • July 13th, Camarillo: Clay Aiken delivered Learning To Sing.
  • July 12th, Santa Monica: Rob Schneider delivered 50 First Dates.
  • July 11th, Brentwood: Jason Alexander delivered Seinfeld.
  • July 10th, Studio City: Nick Lachey delivered The Newlyweds.
  • July 9th, Los Angeles: Don Cheadle delivered Hotel Rwanda.
  • July 8th, Los Angeles: Anna Kournikova delivered a pair of Adidas tennis shoes.
  • July 7th, Santa Barbara: Jeff Bridges delivered The Big Lebowski.
  • July 7th, Santa Monica: Howie Mandel delivered The First Howie Mandel Special.

5 thoughts on “Amazon’s 10th Anniversary…”

  1. I thought you said “celebrities”… but the scary thing is that someone actually bought a Howie Mandel dvd…

  2. All those addresses are in CA. Am I the only Seattle-ite feeling jipped here? Uh, hello, corporate hometown and all…Sheesh. Ingrates. ;)

    Of course, then again, we are a little short on moviestars up here…

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