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  1. I didn’t go to a midnight event, but I was just at the Sunset & Vine Borders. where a manager marvelled at the ransacked display and said “We only have 14 left.”

    “13,” I said, as I picked up my copy.

  2. The Man and I just got back from Barnes and Noble in Glendale. They had them behind the counter, I don’t know how many. They gave us a little green bracelet ala Lance’s Livestrong. They also offered us a poster, which we decided we didn’t need.

    The Man is now up on the deck reading. As if Tour de France time isn’t bad enough, now his afternoons will be taken up with this!

  3. I was too busy watching the high speed chase with the big rig that spanned 4 freeways and lasted 4 hours. Started around 10:40pm-ish and ended about 2am-ish Unfortunately, the local news deemed the chase too boring that they cut out mid-chase almost two hours into it. I had to find out the outcome by googling it this morning.

    Since when does local news deem a high speed chase “boring?”

  4. “I’m wondering if anyone has any coverage of anything in L.A. last night.”

    That sounds almost sarcastic.

  5. I was at the Grove/B&N event but didn’t enter anything on my site regarding the evening. Instead, I went on about the book. ;-)

  6. Living only two blocks away from a Barnes and Noble in Glendale, I couldn’t resist the need to walk down and check it out. (And I’m also a huge loser who didn’t have any plans for a Friday night.) There was roughly a thousand people inside. It was like walking through a line at a Star Wars premiere. I can say roughly because we all branded with either yellow or orange wristbands. Yellow for the organized pre-orders and orange for the lowly pleibes who came last minute. Your coolness factor was gauged by your numbered colored wristband and the cleverness of your costume.
    Not being dressed up as a Quiditch captain and a high number orange, discussions were not open to me. So I just sat back and snapped some camera phone pics of 40 year old witches and the fire code pushing crowd. Though I must agree with Cybele, what am I going to do with this green wristband? Though poster will decorate my nephew’s wall. He’ll also have the book. Once I’m done reading it. Whew…sorry, that was way to long. Eep!

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