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One of the curses of being a great cook is going out to eat. If youíre going to spend $70 for two on dinnerÖit damn well better be tastier than what you can throw together from your own cupboard. My ex-boyfriend, Clark, who has now five years later segued into being one of my best friends (go figure?) is one of the best cooks in the world. Seriously. And Iím not to shabby at whipping up pretty tasty stuff myself, so we know good food. We get together every week or so. Our typical routine is that he picks up some fabulous fish or we rummage around in my fridge andÖVoila! He produces a miracle. Some of the best meals Iíve tasted came from his culinary magic.

Well, Thursday night we decided it was too hot to cook, so we ventured out to try this new restaurant, Dustyís, Iíd heard about in Silverlake. It is a sweet looking place, so we were happy when we sat down. The interior is nice and cozy, booths and tables, candles and a small bar. Tables outside. The bread and garlicky spread they served to start was a hopeful sign of good things to come. Then we ordered. And waited. Drank some wine. Waited some more. My beet salad came. GoodÖbut not fabulous. Okay. We waited some moreÖ.the waiter was great, but we were hungry! Then Clarkís pork chops arrived, along with my scallops in a pastry shell. Bummer. Just okay again.
Damn! What I wouldnít give to go out to a sweet neighborhood place and spend around $40 for two and have just a GOOD simple meal. Mediocre just makes me mad.
Perhaps it was an off nightÖbecause the place looks really great and has a very nice vibe….but itís disheartening to spend your cash for something that doesnít beat your own cooking.

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  1. I’m in complete agreement. In fact, that was exactly what The Man said after our evening there Friday last. I had the lobster ravioli which was WAY too salty and he had the salmon which was just okay. The crabcake appetizer, though, was very good.

    The service was good and I certainly can’t argue with the location as we can walk there. We have had breakfast there and found it very nice though. A good change from the hustle-you-out-of-the-place vibe at most other Sunset Junction breakfast locales.

    For the same price, I think Edendale or Blair’s is a better bet. Or drive a little to Eagle Rock to Cafe Bougeoulaise (sp?).

  2. same experience here. mediocre at best and expensive. plus they overcharged my card by $10. many things better than my kitchen available close by at the price.

    i got suckered into going by okay reviews on chowhound. i should know better by now.

  3. wow. i’ve been trying to get there but have been told point blank that “it sucks” and that “you would hate it”. wow. wow. i’m glad i read this.

  4. The sad truth is…that Dusty’s is the norm, when it comes to eating out. And that was my point….Most restaurants don’t deliver the goods for the amount of money they charge. At least in my book. There are some exceptions….and you pay dearly for them….A.O.C., The Hungry Cat, Campanille, Angeli…but I usually reserve those for a higer end experience.

  5. A friend and I had a “not bad” meal there too. When I spotted a primitivo on the wine list, weighing in at a price that looked like a good value, I asked the waiter about it. He’d never tried it, but it turned out to be nice (as was he), so we invited him to pull up a glass. After tasting it, he anxiously ran it over to the owner and/or manager, who’d obviously never tried it either. Apparently, the only criterion for inclusion on the wine list was that the sales rep had had good things to say about it — which is no way to run a restaurant!

    All my eastside friends are similarly upset about the restaurant situation around here.

    Maybe we should start a dining club?

  6. Try my favorite inexpensive restaurant (fairly inexpensive) Pane E Vino. I was telling a guy about it the other day and he told me he’d never heard of it. I told him it’s because it’s not hip anymore. I told him it was hot-shit about 8 years ago, but that thankfully, people pretty much have forgotten about it. Cut to me watching Entourage a week later…my stomach fell as I recognized my favorite patio where the boys were having lunch. Oh well, I thought…they surely won’t identify it….next thing you know, they’re standing at the valet in back with the sign in full view. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Since all of LA will now be revisiting my favorite restaurant…I guess I can recommend it again. Stick with the carpaccio, the risotto of the day (they will always make you a mushroom risotto if seafood makes you squirm) and trust me.. affogato al caffe…the best dessert i’ve ever had… people with me have been annoyed with certain pastas and the fish, so stick with the risotto.

    On the Eastside, I’ve never had a bad meal at Cafe Stella. Supposedly there’s a great place on the same side of the street as Dusty’s that we’ve yet to try. I forgot what it’s called but it too has a patio and is supposedly great for lunch as dinner is pricey.

  7. The food is good at Stella, and I love the ambiance, but the service was terrible bordering on rude both times I went (like standing around with my date and no one would greet us, etc), and I also think it’s way overpriced for what it is.

    G-Net, you’re probably thinking of Cliff’s Edge, mentioned previously on the site.

    Has anyone tried Aroma, across from Silverlake Lounge? I heard it was one of the people from Valentino’s, but that’s all I heard about it.

  8. aroma is a big eehhh. i won’t give it the total thumbs down because it’s not as expensive as dusty’s, plus the staff are super nice.

    speaking of dusty’s … they still haven’t called me back about the $10 overcharge (I already talked to a human being about it once) … looks like i might need to stop by around dinner time … it’s amazing what passes for customer service these days.

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