“Dammit, Perino’s is MY place!”

I’ve been on double-secret probation of late so perhaps everyone else already knows this, but on a recent recon mission in Hancock Park/K-town (adjacent!), I noticed that there is signage up around the construction site of the late, lamented Perino’s.

While I’m delighted that Messrs. Carey, Killefer & Flammang saw fit to splash the fabulous Perino’s signature on the mixed-use compound, from the bullsh*t-Tuscan look of things, I think I’ll stick with my crummy, mid-century shoebox, thanks.

Unless, of course, they have the good sense to install that within-walking-distance, 1950’s-style cocktail lounge I’ve been hankering for…

[Great, if not recently updated list of other late, lamented Los Angeles eateries here. More memorable Joan Crawford-via-Mommie, Dearest quotes here.]