Where to get your Bikeage on

I’m pretty sure this is new, or at least newish, or perhaps fairly new, at the least recently updated. LA Bike Paths is a map/collection of “Class I” bike paths around LA and north OC. “Class I” is a fancy-dancy way of saying “paved” I think. Anyway you can check out the paths, join a bike-riding-mailing-list or check out a grip of bike-links. It’s biketastic!

3 thoughts on “Where to get your Bikeage on”

  1. Sean,

    As I recall, a “Class 1” bike path is a separate paved route that is restricted to bicyclists and pedestrians.

    Commissioner Brian (wearing my other hat)

  2. Hmmm, if it had the bike lanes on the side of roads… It’d be… even… cooler… Nice to see something about bikes in LA! :D

    And, frankly, I’m surprised this isn’t another Google Map hack. ;)

  3. There’s a lot of interesting info on bike paths on the LA City Planning Commission’s site, though the only maps they seem to have are for all the planned routes, which include many that aren’t yet built.

    The do have text lists of existing routes, but no maps (that I can find, anyway).

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