Situation at Gower & Fountain

This afternoon Joz posted about a situation at Gower & Fountain where the streets were closed and police and fire department crews were on hand. She posted photos as well. Brian Humphrey of the LAFD posted a comment confirming that something was going on on the 1200 block of North Gower but that it was not a LAFD matter so he was unable to comment more about it. He was able to state that “the situation is static and not expected to escalate.” NBC 4 just posted more photos (this time from helichopters) and reports that there was an anonymous tip about “an explosive device or hazardous material at an apartment in Hollywood.” They also are saying that 75 people have been evacuated but there’s no reports if anything was found or not. More news on this soon, I’m sure.

UPDATE: Here’s the report.

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  1. The incident in Hollywood has been de-escalting for a few hours, and after a full wrap-up and on-site after-action review (including some hands-on training for the LAFD’s newest HazMat advanced certified members from an LAX area Fire Station), the LAFD HazMat crews assigned to the incident headed home at 8:01 PM.

    The news media coverage of this event has been both sad and at-times laughable, yet it was not my place to set them straight on what then and now remains largely a law enforcement matter.

    What I can and am pleased to share is that there have been no injuries, and that we as Firefighters are not aware of any life hazard remaining at the site.

    That much said, I’ve been given approval to share some of the Fire Department angle on what happened, and will do so on at the LAFD blog later this evening as soon as my schedule permits.

    Stay Safe and Be Well,


  2. We were asked to evacuate today. What we were told by police is that someone had tear gas, chemicals, and explosives hidden in a basement/storage area of an apartment. They said that we should leave the area because if anything went wrong there could be hazardous gases in the air.

  3. Correction: The above is what I was told by my neighbor who had talked to the police.

  4. Joz:

    The public incident report is now posted at


    Thanks for the kind words. Please remember that I’m just one small part of a very efficient and extremely caring City agency. No matter what grief Los Angeles residents must endure, they never need to worry about anyone telling them they have a second-rate Fire Department. It’s been that way for 119 years, and we have no plans to change it. When you need us, we’ll be there!

    Have a great day – and please make it a safe one!


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