More Craig’s List RSS hacking… Ever wonder if what you are paying in rent is on par with the rest of the neighborhood? Looking for a new place and don’t want to be paying twice as much as everyone else on the block? Or perhaps you want to rent out your place and have no idea what to charge for it… Enter RentSlicer.

“RentSlicer provides statistics on Los Angeles area rental property. We import rental listing data from the RSS Feed every 2 hours. Our software scans each listing for keywords and then categorizes each by city, property type, #beds, #baths, and amenities. Using this information we are able to generate many interesting reports such as city/area stats, price rankings, inventory volume rankings, trends, graphs, and more. Our Slicer Tool is the ‘Blue Book’ for LA rental units. It lets both landlords and tenants see the fair market value of their units.”

I clicked around on it and it’s pretty sweet. I especially liked the over all average of all LA rental property which as of this post is $1,582.40.

One thought on “RentSlicer”

  1. Hahaha, a one bedroom one bath HOUSE in Silverlake is quoted as an average of $895 dollars/mo. If rentslicer finds me so much as ONE instance where this would be true, I would ask it to marry me. This thing is a great idea, but you really cannot go by what Craigslist says- because even in rentals, most people still list mostly rooms, not whole properties. Therefore there’s no way to truly evaluate what the market is really like by having a bot surveying the craigslist entries, because it can’t tell if it’s a room or a whole place by keyboards only. Craigslist posters are tricky when it comes to luring people into reading their posts.

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