Now what?

Dear Brian Humphrey,

Area Map of Affected AreaCan you please tell me what happened that caused all your cohorts to be at the intersection of El Centro & Fountain?

I was on the road and tried to take Gower south from Sunset and found the road cordoned off and was forced to turn into Gower Gulch. I was stuck there and figured a good detour would be south on El Centro.

Bad idea.

While going (slowly) south on El Centro, I found every block from Sunset to Lexington taped off on the east side of the street, with the main fire/police activity seeming to happen on Fountain (on Fountain between Gower and El Centro)?

But if nothing went boom, or it’s some situation you can comment on, can you please let me know what happened? There were an awful lot of folks in uniform, so it must’ve been somewhat serious.



P.S. – Here are some pictures I took. (Click to embiggen)

UPDATE: Brian Humphrey didn’t disappoint and he made a report at the LAFD blog. Thanks, Brian!

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  1. I was caught in the same jam-up as I tried to visit the Gower Gulch / Hollywood Car Wash.

    I have said it many times on JSDC: The Gower Gulch is a portal to another dimension.

    Strange things happen there.

    It’s true.

  2. I’ve tried to post here a couple of times (under other topics), and have been offered the content violation message. Dunno what it might be, but I hope this will get through.

    The incident in the 1200 block of North Gower is at this hour, a “Police Investigation Assist” by members of the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAPD was there first, and requested us at 2:29 PM.

    The nature of the incident is hovering between being an LAPD or LAFD matter, and if LAPD greenlights our public outreach – which is required on any Law Enforcemen matter, I may be able to commet on it later this evening.

    For the moment, the situation is static and not expected to escalate.


  3. Joz,

    You are welcome. I hope you don’t mind – but I borrowed one of your pictures and made it an active link to this blog. If you hover your mouse over that image, you’ll see I offered credit to you and

    Have a great day – and make it a safe one!


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