Even More Driver Aggrevation…

As if driving in L.A. wasn’t already stressful, I now have a new issue to contend with.

This morning, I was actually honked at, from the impatient driver of a silver Honda Civic that was directly behind me, for *not* driving through a yellow light at 3rd St. and La Brea! WTF?!

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  1. I tend to get a bit annoyed when a driver begins to slow for a green light with a solid red hand. As far as I remember green still means go. That and you are allowed to go through yellow lights as long as you’re going to clear the intersection before it turns red. I’m not saying you did either of those things, just that those things irk me a bit.

  2. Nah, it was turning yellow about two seconds before I hit the intersection, so there’s no way I would’ve cleared it in time, let alone the driver behind me.

  3. Yeah, I got honked at this morning for not making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic I couldn’t have gotten clear of. It’s a Chevy, for chrissakes.

  4. My personal rule is: if there’s someone waiting to turn left when the light turns yellow, and I have room to stop, stop. If not, zoooom!

  5. What is with people who think they have a right to turn left on a yellow when I am crossing the intersection coming the other way? I don’t get it, I mean I have the right of way what are you upset about?

  6. Hey Greg-you may have the right of way…but as you know there is a killer shortage of left turn signals in LA so maybe a bit of grace to drivers turning left would be go a long way to easing traffic flow woes and be safer.
    And think of the good karma you’d generate. Wouldn’t you want someone to let YOU turn when it was yellow?
    Just a thought.

  7. Tammara, you just opened up a whole different can of worms! Protected Left Turns drive me nuts. I like the concept of protected left turns, but there should never be a RED left arrow. That’s ridiculous. I often find myself sitting at a red arrow with no traffic coming the other way. There should be green and yield. No red arrows! ARg

  8. you are allowed to go through yellow lights as long as you’re going to clear the intersection before it turns red.

    Not quite. As long as the light is yellow, you may legally enter the intersection – there is no requirement that you clear the intersection before the light turns red.

    (In fact, as long as you enter the intersection legally, other traffic must yield the right-of-way until you clear the intersection, even if your light turns red while you’re still in the intersection.)

    As far as entering the intersection, there’s no legal difference between a green light and a yellow light – the yellow light is just a warning that the signal’s about to turn red.

    See California Vehicle Code, Div. 11, Art. 2, Chap. 3, Secs. 21451,
    21452, and

  9. Really Glen B.? I recently got busted for entering a yellow light and not clearing it on red. The camera on the intersection busted me, and got a nice little ticket in the mail.

    I read those DMV codes you posted, but I don’t see how those sections say that you’re not required to clear the red.

  10. I’ve heard a good answer for the “clear the intersection on yellow or just enter before red” questions. Friends have heard both ways from traffic school and cops. I’d love a good answer.

  11. If your vehicle has fully entered the intersection when the light changes from yellow to red, it’s not a red light violation. Of course if you don’t move out of the intersection fast enough after it changes, you could be cited for blocking the intersection, but not for running a red light.

    When I first moved to LA I thought it was odd that there were so few left turn arrows and everyone had to wait in the intersection to make a left turn, but now it seems natural and I don’t like left turn signals because it seems traffic backs up at most intersections that have one. (Might back up without the arrow for people waiting to turn left though) But not as bad as the intersections that don’t have left turn LANES so people block traffic to make a left turn. THAT I wish was illegal. I’ve also noticed that the faster you drive, the fewer red lights you hit.

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