Elevator Observations…

I work in the same building with the Screen Actor’s Guild, and you never know who you’re going to see in the area, let alone in the lobby or elevators.

I was just in one of those elevators about five minutes ago and noticed one very attractive black or Hispanic girl holding her 8″x10″ color headshot, and flanked by two other people, who were probably her manager, agent, and/or publicist. That’s so L.A. (And yeah, I took a look at the headshot to see if there was a name on it, but alas, there wasn’t.)

Meanwhile, in the same elevator car was an older black woman, who talked with her friends about already being loaded, but having to “keep it together” for auditions until 7:00 PM. That’s so L.A. too.

One thought on “Elevator Observations…”

  1. If I were working at the SAG office, I would get so pissed off. What these wide-eyed acting debutantes don’t realize is that SAG is not an agent and can’t refer you to one, so there’s no reason to drop in their office with your headshot, or to drop in their offices at all unless you have bussiness with them (and it won’t require your headshot).

    It’s a Guild for people who already HAVE work in the bussiness. Maybe the out of towners should do their research a little better.

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