4 thoughts on “When is Enough Too Much?”

  1. That picture resembles the bigger better .. and turns it into the more the better…. huge car, huge meal, huge amount of bumper stickers, huge portions, …. it goes on an on. Isn’t LA full of it?

  2. my buddy helps make those big ones, as well as my personal favorite, the “i support more troops than you” ribbon.

    check em out at http://supportourribbons.com

    but as easy as it is to tease people with excess ribbons, i just have to shut up when i see the “keep mommy/daddy/our son/daughter safe” ribbons, ’cause there’s nothing funny about that.

  3. Has anybody noticed the irony in the fact that the yellow ones start as a yellow ribbon and the sun/time fades them to become looking like a white flag?

    I put one on the back of my car, just above my old “Defeat Bush” bumper sticker – I could have sworn I saw a Republican head explode in my mirror with the circular dogma involved – but I had to remove it when it started turning white.

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