Walk of Corporate Fame

If you cringed when they gave Ryan Seacrest a star on the Walk of Fame, I’m sad to say it’s about to get a lot worse.

Long available to celebrities with $15,000 and a project to promote, a version of the iconic symbol will be given for the first time Thursday to a company: Disneyland is receiving the pink terrazzo-and-brass star in honor of the Anaheim theme park’s 50th anniversary.

Yuck. The L.A. Times article goes on to explain how the committee managed to get around a city ordinance that you can’t put commercial names on the sidewalk. Though some might say exceptions have already been made — I remember noticing that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen share a star, and I feel like whenever their names are said together like that, it refers to their billion dollar empire, and not them as individual people.

2 thoughts on “Walk of Corporate Fame”

  1. Like you said Mary-Kate & Ashley have a star. That may as well be an advertisment for Wal-Mart. Oh, and really bad children’s straight to video cassettes.

  2. The Walk of Fame hasn’t had a lick of credibility as a barometer of celebrity quality for a long time. Inevitably, they will start selling ads for new “blockbusters” on the damn things.

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