Speaking of Non-Bombs…

Joz was talking about non-bombs today, so I figured I’d post this bit which somehow ended up in my inbox. I don’t know the person who wrote it, or anything about them so it could be complete and totally made up crap – how’s that for a disclaimer? Provided here for your entertainment only:

“In regards to the war on terror, some people criticize
the media for not reporting on “the cars that don’t
blow up.” Well, I’m here to testify that they don’t
report on the bombs that don’t blow up either. It’s
been two days since unnamed, unknown, and uncaught
suspects planted a bomb at Pico and Sepulveda, and the
news is still silent. Ever since they corrdoned off a
two block radius around that corner I’ve been
anxiously searching the radio and news papers for some
information. Anything. The police and swat that
evacuated the area for three hours on Monday didn’t
even say what the scare was. They had parking
enforcers and meter maids direct traffic away so you
couldn’t tell if there was an accident, a film shoot,
or a terrorist act going on inside. “They’re trying to
keep it secret,” said my inside man. I work three
blocks from the site, so that caution tape streached
right by my workshop. Three blocks from me, on the
corner of Pico and Sepulveda the new County Health and
Human Services building sits, while my workshop is a
sublet in the parking lot of the old health building.
What that means is one of the guys in my building, an
employee contracted by the county, was in radio
contact with people at the scene, and he feed me the
information in broken english. So I’m not clear on the
details, but this much I know- the bomb was real. A
bomb difusing robot was sent in to disarm it. The
action was successful. The target may have been the
Health building, or, more yet more sinister, the
freeway junction also there, which would have caused
congestion and blocked two of the few roads out of LA.
Or, were the bomb bio, chem, or nuclear, it could have
infected a massive portion of residential LA including
a shopping mall. I’m speculating, I wish I knew. I
drove a few miles away and had coffee, called my
fiancee, then went back to work. What are you going to
do? It’s terrorism, it’s like living under a volcano,
it could blow at any time, and when it does, whether
you survive or not will be entirely a matter of
chance. Best not to think too much about it.
I’m sending the word out that it happened though,
because if enough people are asking questions, maybe
we’ll get some answers, like how many other bombs
don’t we know about?

UPDATE: Per the comments, I guess I didn’t make it clear that as far as I’m concerned this e-mail has no basis in reality. I was simply posting this more as a “check out the crazy stuff that gets e-mailed to me” rather than a “there’s something THEY aren’t telling us.”

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Non-Bombs…”

  1. Hmmmm.

    Well, irregardless of that seemingly creative missive, we do welcome people to use our Find LAPD Widget to discover the phone number and other information for their local Los Angeles Police Station. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call the next morning to put a wooden stake through the heart of such conspiracy rumors :)


  2. I live just a few blocks north of Sepulveda/Pico, and I don’t recall anything unusual on Monday. That’s a major intersection, and its closure would have a huge impact on traffic throughout West L.A.

    I think you got an e-mail from a crazy person.

  3. Thanks for the correction. No need to be anonymous, as I can assure you no umbrage was taken.

    Though I try to use the the comments preview feature, I’ll admit to being a bit tired after straight 18 hours in the office.

    As I now recall, I began typing “irrespective” and then later changed my mind. In retrospect, neither seem appropriate.

    Armed with nothing more than a barely-earned High School diploma, I have come to rely on people helping me with my grammar. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.


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