Playboy TV Almost Bankrupt?

Who says the adult industry is doing well?

According to Luke Ford (all links NSFW):

Playboy TV About Broke

Larry Flynt Publications [LFP, based in Beverly Hills] ready to gobble it up.

Playboy’s studios [at 3030 Andrita St. in Los Angeles] are empty. There have been mass layoffs. Only a few people are left at Playboy TV. They’re trying to buy content on the cheap. “Playboy TV is like a ghost town,” says one insider.

Hustler magazine is doing poorly and its DVD division is confused.

LFP has been looking to start (or take over) its own TV channel for a long time.

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  1. Hef’s daughter should have seen the writing on the wall (computer screen) “$1.95 gets you all the hot action you want..” Sigh..time for a new biz model.


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