Orchestre Surreal

I was talking to Jason Paige a couple of weeks ago and he was trying to describe to me the show he’s about to perform in at The Ford Amphitheatre.

“Well, it’s kind of a mix between Cirque du Soleil and the LA Philharmonic and an insane Rock Opera,” he told me.

“Well, that sounds pretty cool,” I told him. He could tell I wasn’t 100% sold and he laughed. “Here’s the flyer,” he said as he pulled this out of his pocket and handed it to me. “I’ll send you the link to the site that has all of the information, including videos,reviews, and pictures.

“OK,” I told him, “I’ll check it out.”

I checked it out. The more I read about this show, the more interesting it sounds.

Jason Paige can sing. The guy has a vocal range that I would kill for. He’s in a band called “The New Black” and he has shared the stage with some pretty impressive talent. Backed by a stunning group of musicians, both Jason and Becky Baeling (who I’m told has a pretty huge contingent of Diva-loving fans), sing their way through a theatrical Rock Opera filled with insanity, circus acts, costume changes and a symphony of music.

It’s a one night only event at The Ford Amphitheatre on July 22nd. The whole thing was conceived by Ross Wright (AKA Elvis Schoenberg).

Who says there’s no good theatre in LA?

Here is a much better description than everything you just read and clicked.

4 thoughts on “Orchestre Surreal”

  1. The Mutaytor is awesome!. Definitely an amazing show. I’ve seen them a number of times and never get bored. If you get a chance try to catch them at an outdoor show where they have fire performance as well. Once you see one show you will be hooked.

    They are also based out of LA/Echo Park.

  2. Well, if you can’t make the show on the 22nd, The Mutaytor is playing the Filmore in SF on the 30th with some other great acts… not LA, I know, but it’s very much an LA band.

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