Joz’s write-up and photos from tonight’s happy hour sushi fest party thingy get together at the Golden Gopher

People I saw tonight (that I’d met before) ::david kurtz (thank you for coming with me!):: ::sean bonner:: ::caryn coleman:: ::mr & mrs will campbell:: ::mr & mrs cybele/candyblogger:: :: ::jay bushman:: ::5000!:: ::tammara:: ::jeff koga (koganuts)::

Who all did I meet for the first time tonight… ::chris franklin:: ::shane nickerson (thanks for teaching me that I don’t suck at Ms Pacman!:: ::jeremy & kyle from blogebrity:: ::eric garcetti, city councilmember:: ::josh kamensky:: ::amy wakeland:: ::lisa beebe ( contributor):: ::cindy m ( contributor):: ::carmen:: ::losanjealous:: ::mack reed:: ::greg cohn::

I’m sure I missed a few folks. Who did I miss?

Need proof that I was there? Here are some pictures:

Eric Garcetti & Joz
Here is me with Eric Garcetti, the coolest and best City Councilmember-blogger around. (I don’t live in his district… I’m just barely outside the border, but I do WORK in his district!) I love that he’s “one of us!”

Carmen, Lisa, and Koga.
This is a picture I took of Lisa watching Koga play some sort of Donkey Kong game. I killed his guy when my flash went off. Oops, sorry Koga. I owe you a quarter.

Shane Nickerson plays Ms Pacman vs Joz
You can barely see him in the light of the game, but Shane Nickerson is playing Ms Pacman. I didn’t want to kill his game, so I took the picture without the flash. Shane invited me to play Ms. Pacman with him, asking “How are you at Ms Pacman?” I responded, “I suck,” but I proceeded to grab the control and play anyway… and guess what? I don’t suck! (I do, however, suck at Galaga.) Thanks, Shane for showing me that I don’t suck at Ms Pacman! Also, Shane has the best gadgets (he has a T3 camera and a Motorola RAZR phone). I have gadget envy.

Greg, Sean and Eric compare Treos

Speaking of gadgets, at some point, you know these guys were going to whip out their toys and compare them. Here’s Greg, Sean, and Eric showing off their trio of Treos. Ha! I kill me!

Dude, I just re-read what I wrote and I totally need sleep.

9 thoughts on “Joz’s write-up and photos from tonight’s happy hour sushi fest party thingy get together at the Golden Gopher”

  1. Hey there .

    I read newdowntown and it seems Eric Richardson went to the PArty tonite their at the golden gopher. Where aree the pics?

  2. Nice meetin’ ya, Joz — and all the rest of you. I can honestly say I never previously had the experience of waking up and wondering what had been beamed onto my Treo the night before.

  3. …and to think you did it all without a need to send a Fire Marshal to shut down the festivities!

    I’m glad to hear (and see) that you all had such a good time… and hopefully made it home safe.

    Roll call?

    Best Wishes,


  4. I didn’t need a camera flash to make me lose my game of Donkey Kong. I do that pretty well on my own. Nice to meet you, Joz.

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