B.la Mystery Photo Contest – Vol. 2, No. 5

With the return, however brief, of a kickass prize (see below) I’m opting to continue the “staged reveal” format begun with last week’s contest. If today’s image (click for a larger version) proves a stumper, tomorrow I’ll update it with a wider perspective. And if it’s still not correctly identified, on Thursday I’ll broaden the scope one final time.

Clue: As much as I wanted to give you guys a shot taken from somewhere beyond Silver Lake, I’m too fucking busy getting over the fact that I arrived at the awesome and very well-attended B.la shindig at the Golden Gopher too late to partake in any of the 2,000,000 pieces of sushi Sean Bonner had served up to the piranhas bloggers and blogreaders (breaders?) already in attendance. Am I digressing? Of course I am. Anyway, here’s the clue: this building and the popular eatery it houses is definitely in Silver Lake and next door to a popular bar. Not much of a clue? Awwwww… getoverit.

Rules: Post a comment correctly identifying what’s pictured and where it’s at and you’ll be entered into the pool from which one winner will be randomly chosen and announced Friday July 15. If this post scrolls off before Friday, I’d recommend bookmarking this post’s permalink so as to easily access it for the photo updates. Don’t have a clue where it is? Poaching from other entrants is encouraged. Hey, I’m after quantity not quality.

Prize: I get to put away the Tush stickers this week because I’ve got a prize that kicks total ass รณ and not a moment too soon. Thanks to Christy Wise over at Fanscape, Inc. this week’s randomly selected contest winner gets a pair of tickets to KCRW’s world music groovefest Planet Electronica taking place Sunday July 17 at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring the sounds of Basement Jaxx, Royskopp, and Bossacucanova.

Photo updates after the jump.


10 thoughts on “B.la Mystery Photo Contest – Vol. 2, No. 5”

  1. Point of order: There is no “beating anyone to it.” All correct comments go into the pool wherein one will be randomly selected this Friday.

  2. So does that mean that I can just copy their answers and get a prize?

    I want a prize.

    It should go to the first one to get it right.

  3. well, I already have tickets to the show sunday, but it sure looks like the wiltern to me. or, maybe that’s because I keep getting stuck on wilshire in korea town at rush hour and I’m hallucinating and the roads all blend and crush until I pull up into the future.

  4. Hey Rich, READ much?

    From the rules: “Don’t have a clue where it is? Poaching from other entrants is encouraged. Hey, I’m after quantity not quality.”

    Rich, if you don’t like it. Then feel free to go away. But just to be clear, NO you can’t just poach AND win. You can poach and have a CHANCE to win. You don’t want that chance? Fine with me.

  5. Since I wasn’t first, I’ll stive for most complete… :-)

    The Kitchen, on the corner of Fountain and Hoover. It’s the western side of the building, top right corner.

  6. The Kitchen on the corner of Fountain and Hoover. hehe. ::crosses fingers!:: Hope i win.

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