All About My bLA Get Together Hang Over

It’s already been pointed out, but I was also at the Golden Gopher for the 1st Annual bLA Cage Match with the rest of the rabble and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out. It was really nice to meet you all (or see you again). Hopefully some of you will start coming to the bLA semi-monthly get togethers too as there were pleny of people that I didn’t get a chance to really talk to (like our very own Cindy Mosqueda and Colleen). And if I saw you and didn’t say hi (i.e., Shane! I saw you at the bar and totally spaced), consider this a belated warm welcome.

Obviously, one of the things that separates the Metblogs from the faceless link-compilers like Slashdot is our focus on the real-world, meatspace communities that we live in. Events like last night’s are a fantastic embodiment of that ethic. If you’re a reader and you haven’t braved the ridicule to come to one of the get togethers, I can’t encourage you enough to check out the next one. I may even be sober enough to hold a decent conversation with you!

5 thoughts on “All About My bLA Get Together Hang Over”

  1. Hi. I meant to go to the event last night, but I get intimidated by large gatherings of erudite people. My bodyguard and I intend to go to the next one. Thanks for the outreach to your fellow agoraphobes.

  2. I was telling Joz on the way over that I sensed the same vibe as an old-school BBS user meet. Sure enough, that’s exactly what it was. Something lost on the vast internet, found again in a new form. Nice to meet so many interesting and friendly people.

  3. great photos. thanks for the invite, wish we’d made it down sooner. nice meeting the people I did get the chance to meet…including the dudes who shook me down for spare change upon my exit. you guys rocked.

  4. Spencer is VERY nice and everyone should come to the next meetup if only to meet him. 5000 is my new favorite number!

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