As our friends in Philly, DC, and OC have already pointed out – Los Angeles was included on Intel’s Most Unwired Cities list. We came in at #24 – although it lists us as Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA. I don’t know what that’s about but it’s not my only question about the list. Take #91 for example – Bradenton/Sarasota, Fla, my home town. I was there most of the month in December last year and could barely find a connection anywhere – hell even the Starbucks were wi-fi-less. Then I saw this bit in the fine print:

“Survey findings are based on the number of commercial and public or “free” wireless Internet access points (hotspots), airports with wireless Internet access, and broadband availability.”

OH!.. ok, so if there’s an airport with free wifi that weighs heavily into this, and there’s a pretty big airport in town so maybe that’s it. but #91 in the country still seems damn high to me. Oh wait…

“The metro areas included in the survey were the 100 largest in the United States, and based on the definitions of Metropolitan Statistical Areas from the U.S. Census Bureau.”

Uh.. ok, so this is the “Top 100 of 100 list”. Seems a bit of a stretch to me – only looking at 100 cities and then calling them the top 100. Anyway, a few other metroblogging cities made the list: Seattle 1st, San Francisco 2nd, Austin 3rd, Portland 4th, Atlanta 6th, Minneapolis 9th, Chicago 12th, Boston 13th, DC 14th, New York City 21st, Dallas 23rd, Los Angeles at 24th, Houston 28th, New Orleans 38th, Orlando 49th, and Philadelphia 50th.

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