Tonight’s Sushi Fest Thingy

sushi071105.jpgFor those of you who arrived at the Golden Gopher late, here’s photographic proof that there really was sushi at one point. Bloggers apparently suck that stuff down at lightning speed, so I’m glad I got there early.

I had lots of fun hanging out with my co-bloggers (including Cindy Mosqueda and Jozjozjoz, who I had never met before), and all the other LA bloggers and blog-readers who showed up to drink and play Ms. Pacman. Ooh, and I got to meet Eric Garcetti! If you live in his district, I’m totally jealous that you have a councilperson who comes to blogger meetups. That’s freakin’ cool.

8 thoughts on “Tonight’s Sushi Fest Thingy”

  1. We, the earlycomers, just assumed that anyone who wasn’t there was probably out somewhere having dinner and would be too full to eat by the time they arrived.

    I can give first-person testimony that there was sushi, complete with ginger. Oh, and some nice people too.

  2. Missing out on the sushi is what I get for showing up fashionably late (or on Chicano time, same thing). Thanks for “dragging me around” to meet some of the other contributors.

  3. Cindy, I swear I’m not usually that social, but I know how hard these things can be if you don’t know anyone! So I felt like it was my responsibility to introduce you to your fellow bloggers…

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