Late Night Dining

While looking up a phone number on the online I found this Los Angeles Lat Night Dining Guide. I remember seeing it before, and maybe even hearing that it’s super out of date but it reminded me how shocked visiting friends are when I have to explain to them that if they want to eat out they need to doit before 10PM. The fact that LA eateries close up early is very obvious with list since anyplace that is open until midnight is considered “late night.” Anything good missing from this list? If there are enough changes I’ll make a page on the wiki for it.

6 thoughts on “Late Night Dining”

  1. Sean, after this mention, I will make every effort to get it going again. Send over any recommendations. (The ìsuper-out-of-dateî did hurt a bit, even if absolutely true).


  2. Pavel – no offence inteneded. I saw the “Last Update: August 16, 2004 15:33” line ans thought I remembered a slew of comments at one point about missing/changed info but I could be totally wrong. Thanks a ton for making the list, it’s helped me in the past.

  3. That list could really use references to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. There ones on Gower and Pico seem like they’d fit right in on the geography already listed. Both are open till pretty late (past 3AM I think, never gone later).

  4. I didn’t see it on the list, sorry if I missed it, but what about House Of Pies on Vermont in Los Feliz? The food’s not great, but it’s open till 2 on the weekends, 1 on weekdays.

  5. The Brite Spot and the noodle shop in little tokyo are my standbys. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a NY style late-night slice on the eastside.

  6. There’s the Standard on Sunset (24 hours) , Urth Cafe (I don’t know what time it closes but I was there at 11:30 pm tonight and got food and it was packed (Weho). In Lincoln Heights there is Carnitas Michoacan (24 hours) and in Cypress Park next to Footsie’s there’s El Atacor #11 (24 hours) home of what everyone lovingly refers to as the “porno burrito”….a huge flaccid thing that’s bigger than a wine bottle and could easily feed 3 or 4. It’s called the Super Burrito and it’s $4.99. Rock!

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