This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Winner

No random drawing this week since we only had one correct entry ó but one is all ya need, especially when it nails location of the photo’s subject so succinctly.

Sharp-eyed Cathy wrote: “It is off Sunset Boulevard near Normandie. When you get your Zankou Chicken fix look up and you can see it. I always wondered what it was covering…an elevator or air conditioner?” Well Cathy, the sources in my head tell me it’s nothing more technological than the stairway roof access to the building, but hell, I don’t know.

What I do know is that next week I get to put away the Tush stickers because I’ve got a prize that kicks total ass ó and not a moment too soon. Thanks to Christy Wise over at Fanscape, Inc. for next week’s randomly selected contest winner I’ve got a pair of tickets to KCRW’s world music groovefest Planet Electronica taking place Sunday July 17 at the Hollywood Bowl and featuring the sounds of Basement Jaxx, Royskopp, and Bossacucanova. The next Mystery Photo Contest will bow Tuesday July 12, with the winner announced Friday July 15.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Winner”

  1. It’s the top of the elevator shaft. The staircase to the roof has something different painted on it, and the entirety of the roof has roaches spray stencilled upon it.

    (And the trash from Zankou Chicken? STANKY. Always.)

    -A Resident

  2. That is indeed the roof access door (for the apartment building I live in). The other sides are similarly decorated. It’s a nice buliding, although as much as I love Zankou Chicken, sometimes the smell of shwarma is a bit overpowering.

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