Jesus Didn’t Make It

bla-jesusechopark.jpgAngelenos were expecting Jesus to show up at Echo Park Lake last night and were disappointed. went to see Jesus and has a full account of the experience.

Fear not, the stars might not be right, but Jesus could still show up within the next three days, probably at the Lotus Festival. I’m guessing he’ll be at the handmade tamale stand or maybe waiting in line for the pedal boats, so look sharp.

If you’re curious about who wrote that flier, there are pictures here.

This photo is courtesy of on flickr.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Didn’t Make It”

  1. I knew it was going to be a bust when the “thousands of sea birds” scheduled to arrive in May and June flaked both months. Damn sea birds.

  2. I suppose it’s possible that he came and we didn’t see him because we’re unworthy and we’re “left behind.”

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