Another Stupid Question For Friday…

I was watching KCAL 9 earlier this week, and a promo came up for their local afternoon news with Mia Lee.

But there was something about Mia’s face that threw me off, because it looked different than the last time I had seen it on TV.

Someone at the L.A. Social Club noticed this change, and a friend of mine, who’s a fan of hers, agreed. He said it looked like she had lost some weight, either due to liposuction or dieting, and that she’d had her nose and cheeks done. When I pointed out the change in her eyes, my friend wondered if she’d “… gotten her eyes narrowed so she [doesn’t] look too Asian.” When I pointed him to her bio photo, he said that it looks like it’s a “Before” photo and that her nose isn’t as wide anymore.

Has anyone else noticed this?

(And yes, it’s Friday, where all stupid questions must go!)

2 thoughts on “Another Stupid Question For Friday…”

  1. I kinda miss the way she looked in like 2001. SHe was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Her wardrobe was fantastic wit her tight tops and short skirts, but now epople say she is getting old and I hear that she had work done on her lips. I dont thinks she had work done on her nose or cheeks, cuz they look the same, and I think she has lost some weight, but really I wish she would dress and look the same as she used to, but I still want to get in her panties either way!

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