London Bombing

Stay strong London. Nick Douglas at Blogebrity has posted a few relevant links to the breaking story, including a link to one of the emerging Flickr shots of the aftermath.

Also, reports continue to pour in at Metroblogging London.

*UPDATE: According to LAPD Chief William Bratton, Los Angeles is on a “Modified Tactical Alert,” which boils down to “remain extra cautious.” As yet, there is no update on the LAPD Website.


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  1. Hi

    On behalf of the Whole of London MetroBlogging I would like to thank you for your support and Kind words.

    As far as I know all our authors are safe and well

    the number for relatives is as follows –

    London and UK : 0870 156 6344
    International: +44 870 156 6344

    I hope everyones family and loved ones are safe , and our love, sympathy and prayers are with those whom are not.

    London MB captain.

  2. Just saw this on


    Sources: U.S. terror threat level to be raised to orange for mass transit network in wake of London bombings. Details soon.”

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