Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever!

Home from work after a loooooooong day and upon my doorstep what do I find? Some supersize envelope reading “Please do not bend.” Its contents? Ohhhh, just about the most awesome and phenomenal surprise one could get from just about the coolest councilman on the planet in the form of one of those mondo-colorful, ornate and all-around fantabulous 11″ x 17″ official-like city declarations delivered by Eric Garcetti offering his congratulations and best wishes to me and my wife Susan on our wedding day last month:

A larger version awaits your click

I’m as appreciative as I am speechless. Thank you, Eric.

7 thoughts on “Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever!”

  1. “all I got was a rock!”

    seriously man, that is absolutely the greatest wedding present in the history of wedding presents. Boy, that Eric Garcetti, gee whiz, I wish he’d move to Redondo Beach and run for city council or something.

  2. That is SO COOL.

    If I ever decide to get married, I’m moving to Eric Garcetti’s district first. He better still be in office.

  3. That simply rocks.

    Way better than that thing Orange County issued us for our marriage that looks like something the DMV would send you.

  4. I want one too! Never mind that I’ve been already married for 6 years! hehehehe

    BTW, congratulations on your wedding and many years of happiness to you guys. :)

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