What Have You Done?

DSC09993Thanks to Michael at FranklinAvenue for pointing this out. The most recent issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine has a list of the top 30 things you should do when visiting Los Angeles. Some of these are great ideas … some leave me scratching my head.

If you want, post these on your blog and bold or star the ones that you’ve done and comment or trackback here.

1. Hollywood Entertainment Museum
2. Venice’s Abbot Kinney Blvd. shops
3. Topanga Canyon’s Inn of the Seventh Ray
4. Catalina Island
5. Downtown’s Flower Market
6. One spa at Santa Monica’s Shutters on the Beach
7. Pink’s hot dogs
8. Fred Segal’s
9. Free TV tapings
10. La Brea Tar Pits

The final 20 after the jump —>

11. Chinatown’s Chung King Road galleries
12. Hollywood Forever cemetery (and Cinespia screenings)
13. Museum of Jurassic Technology (in Culver City)
14. Larchmont Blvd. (especially Cafe Chapeau)
15. Shopping at Robertson and 3rd
16. Grand Central Market
17. American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre
18. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
19. Live music at Santa Monica’s McCabe’s
20. Los Angeles River (Los Feliz to downtown)
21. Beverly Hills Hotel
22. Venice’s canals
23. Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park
24. Little Ethiopia restaurants
25. The Grove
26. Koreatown’s Brass Monkey (for karaoke)
27. Farmer’s Markets in Hollywood and Santa Monica
28. Melrose’s Urth Caffe
29. Adamson House
30. Philippe’s french dip sandwiches

Feel free to quibble with what’s on the list and of course what’s not on there.

The full list with descriptions of what these things are and why they’re great, check the full article online.

12 thoughts on “What Have You Done?”

  1. Ah yes, further outsider confirmation that life does not exist outside of West LA/Downtown/immediate surrounding areas. (though I do think Downtown deserves much love and attention).

    I whole-heartedly endorse item 30 – which is now all I’ll dream about today at work (personal fav – if I’m feeling unconventional, I go for the Turkey Dip with Swiss, ah heaven on a roll).

    And at least the inclusion of Catalina Island might force people through the Southern reaches of our fair city (leave from PEDRO, kids. Screw Long Beach, if those boats even run still).

    But, I’m sorry – The Grove? That’s a mall. Without a roof. And with a one-block trolley car. It’s a fake city center. There are, in fact, real city centers. They were just abandoned. By people in search of . . . malls.

    The Grove. Please.

    The Museum of Jurassic Technology, however, is the creepiest place I’ve ever been in my life. Don’t try to understand it – just visit and absorb.

  2. The subhead on the article says it all:

    “we look to the locals for favorite places and pastimes worthy of the spotlightófrom Hollywood to Santa Monica.”

    Wow. All the way from Hollywood to Santa Monica? Now, that’s what I call exhaustive coverage.

  3. Yeah, The Grove is the strangest inclusion. Especially to me, because it’s so similar to every other shopping center in South Florida – they all look like that! Dancing fountain and all.

  4. I agree with everyone about The Grove being in there. If you’re gonna take in a movie or something the Hollywood & Highland/El Cap makes sense for the whole “seeing part of LA”. Or even Ameoba/ArcLight.

    CD – I think downtown San Pedro is pretty much its own destination, or deserves to be.

    CindyM – it is a shame that they ignored the Latino LA … what would you put in there as the place to go though?

    I love the LA River, but unless you’re an avid birdwatcher, I wouldn’t recommend it to the idle touristas.

  5. I think the original adobe & Olvera St. are worth seeing. It does kind of theme-parkify L.A.’s Spanish heritage, but it reminds us that the Californios had a whole country of their own here that was totally different than the following American version. Oh, and I tend to take people to Santee Alley and down Broadway.

    Phillipe’s is mandatory though.

  6. I personally enjoy La Placita (Olvera St) because it’s a nearby place to buy a lot of the Mexicans clothing I like (although it is overpriced).

    Although some would think there is nothing tourist worthy in East LA, I’d suggest El Mercadito (1st and Indiana), Calvary Cemetery around Christmastime, El Tepeyac for the Manuel’s Special burrito, and a drive around to check out the murals. Oh yeah, check out the Great Wall of Los Angeles.

  7. I think the Grove is there because of it’s vibe
    It is like the Santa Monica Promenade in a more
    compact form. Lots of people watching. Also since
    I used to live close to there, you can’t beat having the Pan Pacific Park
    and Farmer’s market next door. You can make a whole day of it.

    3rd and Robertson??? what is that the Beverly Center Complex? If thats what they mean
    I truly think the place is a Loathesome Crypt. Glad the Grove is eating their lunch some.

    Now as to what stinks about the Grove is:
    The Food in the mall is Toursito-friendly-crappola
    Way overpriced to rook the tourists.
    Theater is georgeus but try getting at ticket on
    Saturday Evenings, no choice but ticket kiosks.
    The PLACE IS TOO DAMN SMALL for the crowd it attracts, They should have their parking bldg
    somewhere else, and bought out that furnishings
    store, It would increas it’s size by 35% and give
    that damn trolley a place to round to.

    I like the arclight for revival films
    but the seats suck, and it doens’t have a good hang out place adjacent.

  8. I thought they got it right when I saw Phillippe’s on the list.

    They probably should have cut it back to 20 or 25.

  9. The Grove is listed primarily for one reason: Star-sightings. This is where the stars go to shop and mainly catch movies because the paparazzi are not allowed on the premises.

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