11 thoughts on “Parking at the Hollywood Bowl?”

  1. My recommendation would be to take the bowl shuttle system. One of the closer boarding points to you and Caryn would be the L.A. Zoo’s (free) parking lot (off the 5 North at Zoo Drive). The buses start leaving at 5:30 p.m. and then every 20 minutes thereafter. After the show you board the same bus and get dropped off back at the Zoo lot. Roundtrip fare is $5 per person.

  2. The connection from the Hollywood/Vine Red Line station is also very convenient. I guess it depends on how convenient the Red Line is to your start point, though. It’s nice for me. -e;

  3. I’ve taken the shuttle and they’re good, but the cheapest, easiest, most convenient Bowl parking I’ve found is at Hollywood & Highland. You’re probably not supposed to park in their garage, but I usually buy a cookie as I walk through for a legitimate parking validation. I’ve also asked nicely at the theater box office on occasion. It’s $2 for 4 hours (I think), a five minute walk to the Bowl, and if the vast numbers of people walking with you is any indication, everyone is doing it.

    One note: I parked there for a Sunday show that ended pretty early. I think the Bowl curfew will get you back to the garage before it closes, but better check to be sure.

  4. I also recommend the shuttle system, I take it from the Federal Building in Westwood. Do check to make sure what time the last shuttle leaves for the show, sometimes it is much earlier than you might expect. I wouldn’t even consider drivnig there unless you were forced to. Parking isn’t too bad, but leaving is a nightmare.

  5. I’ve taken the Hollywood & Highland shuttle and found it very easy and convenient. I parked at the Kodak Theater once (don’t remember the cost) and last time took the Metro from Union Station. I notice lots of people simply walk from Hollywood & Highland.

  6. Park n’ ride, always the best option.

    Fun little show tonight, though I think the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra would have been MUCH better suited to the music than the Phil, there were more than a few trainwrecks.

  7. Park at Hollywood and Highland and walk or take the shuttle. Depending on where you are coming from you might want to park at Universal City Metro and get the train over the hill to Hollywood and Highland. The later is probably better if you are coming from the Valley direction.

  8. We went last night and parked at Highland and Hollywood for $2, then walked to the bowl. But I wish someone had mentioned that it is a very steep uphill walk, and will take you a good 15 minutes, if you are healthy, to get to your seat. Then you’ll be sweaty. But it was great to be able to leave afterward and get to our car and on the road fairly quickly. Traffic, as usual, was awful. But the bowl was great!

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