Sheriff Lee Baca wants you to know how many people are getting murdered in Los Angeles County. A number that is apparently on the rise. I wonder if that has anything to do with this or this. Lets see… law enforcement prevents people from defending themselves and doesn’t respond to calls for help and murder rates are going up? I’m shocked. Really. [via LA Observed]

UPDATE: And just that quickly it’s gone. I didn’t grab any of the info from the site but LA Observed did so you can see some of the details there. It’s back.

3 thoughts on “Murder!”

  1. Yes, because I’m sure fire fights on the street or in homes between murderers and murderees will significantly reduce the number of people killed…

  2. The other morning at nearly 4 am I was driving down the 110 and there was a crashed and abandoned car blocking the #1 lane. i called 911 and kept getting a quick busy and a hangup. i then called 311 and told them. they tried to give me a number and i explained that i was driving on the freeway (now the 10 west)and that getting a pen, driving a stick, attempting to write and talking on the cell phone without a headset would most likely cause a crash. the guy then transferred me. I was on hold for about 15 minutes. I gave the information to the person who then told me that the circuits in LA were so busy that I in fact had been routed to the Bakersfield Highway Patrol but could I please hold while they radioed it in. At this point I was pulled over in Culver City in front of the parking garage I couldn’t go into because I’d lose cell service. Probably 1/2 an hour after I’d seen this car, they said they had gotten ahold of the CHP…sheesh. I hope no one crashed into that car.

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