.911 Average

This whole 2005 Dodgers injury thing would be a lot easier to deal with if they, I don’t know, all got injured at once in some freak team bus accident. It’s reminding me of the last couple of years the LA Kings played (for you younger folks in the audience, the Kings were a ‘hockey’ team) and in which they suffered innumerable and freak injuries all season. Not to mention the Lakers woes.

This coincidence makes you wonder if there isn’t some sort of citywide collective sports karma payback thing going on.

Personally, I suspect the NFL is practicing voodoo on the city. There’s a reason they’re always holding the Super Bowl in New Orleans, the bastards. And it’s no coincidence there’s talk of moving the anemic Saints here.

With news of Jeff Kent leaving the game last night with a hamstring problem, I think it’s past time to light some incense to the baseball gods for a wee bit of good news.

2 thoughts on “.911 Average”

  1. That’s what happens when you ban stereoids. Young guys (Beltre, etc.) stop hitting like they did when they were on the juice, and old guys (Kent, Bonds) go down with injuries and don’t come back…

    Just speculation, but it does seem semi-likely.

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