HD-3D Coming Soon to a Screen Near You!

Getting a tech start-up rolling can be hell, so sticking around to see the product actually catch on fire is rare. Which is why so many tech ideas crash and burn. The idea for 3-D screens without special glasses has been around for a while, but it needed a visionary like Dan Mapes one of the founders of Deep Light here in LA, to make it happen. Deep Light is rolling out production of the only Hi-Def 3-D screens in the world in early 2006. This past Sundayís NY Times did a lead article on Dan and the new 3-D screens Deep Light is producingÖand they captured the essence of why Dan is one of my favorite human beings in the universe. Visionary and a bold desire to make whatever comes through in his brilliant head happen, Dan is out to re-create the way we view television, not to mention produce screen applications for medicine, video games and HUGE screens for special events. Check it out on Boingboing as well.