Synchronicity on Fairfax

So I’m driving down Fairfax this morning, super high from an Independance Day yoga class and this black Porsche Carrera roars up beside me. He passes me and jumps on the tail of the Honda Accord in front of me. Apparently, she’s not driving fast enough for his taste, so he swings out on the LEFT into oncoming traffic and jumps back in ahead of her, stopped only by the light. She jams on her brakes, then hits her horn. He flips her a bird and then backs up and starts yelling. I pull up beside him and see a cowering 4 year old boy in the passenger seat and the guy chomping on his cigar. “Bitch” he shouts to no one in particular. He zooms off as the light changes. I see a LAPD patrol car pull up behind me, we travel to the next light. I motion to the cop as he pulls up and I mention the guy in the porshe is a lunatic. ‘Yeah, we know, we saw it, we’re running his plates now, thanks”. They flip their lights and siren on, take off after testosterone crazed Porsche man and pull him over. I wave as I go by. Sweet!

7 thoughts on “Synchronicity on Fairfax”

  1. Awesome. I love reading finally-a-cop-when-you-need-one stories. A couple weeks ago on the 10, your typical rice-rocket wannabe roars past me doing about 100. About five seconds later, he zooms past a speed trap and BLIRP BLIRP! He gets pulled over. Yay!

  2. Thanks for making my day. I’m grewing more and more tired with rude drivers in SoCal. It’s nice to hear about one those rude ones taking one on the chin.

  3. HAHA! NOW how much is his insurance going to cost him? I’m glad he got nailed in front of his kid too.

  4. Actually, I wished I could’ve had more compassion for the guy…but I couldn’t find it in my heart. He obviously has a lot of unresolved rage…and it’s just being transferred to the little one. It’s all a big circle and each of us has to do our part to break it.

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