It’s very crackly out tonight.

What’s most vexing about it is that I keep trying to watch these home-brew displays and they’ll send up one and I’ll miss it and then I’ll watch that spot and while I’m watching it someone else throws something else up and I totally miss it.

At first I thought it was just hazy tonight but now I’m more inclined to believe it’s smoke. I’m hearing a lot of sirens. Please be careful folks, Los Angeles is highly flammable. And you’re freaking out a lot of dogs.

If you’re missing all the fun, just watch these instead.

3 thoughts on “Sparky”

  1. Beneath all that warzone crackling was some very unnerving deep whumping from northeast of Silver Lake. The cats were edgy telling us that Godzilla was coming, but the dog was all “pffft.”

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