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By now you should all know how wonderful the LAFD News & Info Blog is but did you know there’s also an associated photo blog? Brian Humphrey has been posting in-action photos of fires and the guys fighting them to a flickr account. It’s brand new but already the shots in there are fantastic. I really can’t emphasize enough how cool this is and how lucky we are here in LA to have people on the inside who “get” blogs and blogging and are using these tools to help keep the pubic better informed.

2 thoughts on “LAFD Photo Blog”

  1. If there’s an award for this kind of thing – LAFD should get it. And blogger Humphrey should be sainted for being possibly the single most responsive civic official I’ve ever seen. He’s everywhere answering questions in a helpful, friendly, knowledgable way – he must monitor every LA-related blog because he pops up everywhere.

    While fire departments have fewer PR problems than, say, cops and city governments generally, that blogger is a PR wunderguy. Speaking of wunder, I wonder if LAPD could benefit from a similar civic-‘sphere figure . . . .

  2. CD you are exactly right, the LAPD and the LASD for that matter need people like Brian Humphry – perhaps he can get a consulting gig with them?

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