His TV must be cooler than mine

I haven’t started the 4th of July part of my day yet, but here’s a photo from when I went to see the Mae Shi play at the Smell last night. As you can see in the bottom left corner, some guy in the audience was wearing a TV on his head. (He kept it on the whole night, even while dancing.) I don’t know if maybe he was in one of the bands that played earlier, or if this is just what the kids today consider stylish. Anybody know if he’s a regular there?

4 thoughts on “His TV must be cooler than mine”

  1. R.S., I had never seen or heard the Mae Shi before, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. (I mostly went to the show because my friend’s boyfriend’s roommate is in the band.) But I thought they were really rockin. I just put a few other photos on flickr.

  2. The Mae-Shi are fantastic. I wasn’t there on Saturday, but it looks like a ridiculous show. What’s interesting is that their drummer is actually the dude with no shirt on… I have no idea who that is sitting in on the kit.

    but if you like their music at all, you’ll love their show. they’re a great group of guys.

    thanks for posting these photos. no idea about the TV head.

  3. Robot Mark, they had two drummers taking turns. One was their regular drummer, and I think the other dude had filled in for him during part of their recent tour. I guess they decided to share the last show.

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