Happy Fourth!

DSC_0002.jpg5000! is not the only one who’s had problems with his neighbors, as I absolutely loathe the ones living on one side of my house. The best example of their inconsiderate behavior occurred a few years ago, when they decided to get a rooster, and of course, it’d crow its beak off every morning. I later heard that one of the other neighbors was so upset that he got into a rooster costume and danced around in front of their house. Creative!

But on the first Fourth of July that said neighbors lived here, they lit firecrackers until 3:00 AM! I even found the remnants from one of their rockets not too far from the roof of my house, which freaked me out a bit. Even hearing the sound of firecrackers down the block earlier tonight put me on edge by just a smidge.

On that note, Happy Fourth, y’all!

One thought on “Happy Fourth!”

  1. Here! Here! I think every neighborhood has these neighbors who feel entitled to make the rest of our lives miserable. What can we do about these inconsiderate neighbors? And I’m not just talking about the fireworks at all times of the day or night. I’m talking about these year-long pieces of trash who…. aw, I’m getting myself all worked up again. Nevermind.

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