Fireworks at Chavez Ravine

fireworks.JPG I had a Sandlot moment tonight. I was sitting in the top deck of Dodger Stadium with my dad enjoying the post-game fireworks show. As expected for a 4th of July show, the accompanying music was typical patriotic fare such as the John Philip Sousa marches I played in high school.

Towards the end of the show, I heard the opening chords of Ray Charles’ rendition of “America the Beautiful” and thought back to the scene in which the Sandlot kids stop playing night baseball for a few seconds to admire the brilliant explosions in the sky. I kind of wished I was sitting in the outfield grass at that point with thousands of other fans. Still, it was nice not having to crane my neck at all to look at the fireworks.

The show was nice for all of 12 minutes, but according to the announcer it was cut short. I think the fires (one near the Think Blue sign and another somewhere by a 76 sign my dad noticed) may have been the cause.

More fireworks photos here.

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  1. The professional fireworks display at Dodger Stadium was indeed cut short as Los Angeles Fire Department ground crews and helicopters arrived to find one-eight acre of vegetation buring and two cars apparently damaged in a fire that remains under investigation. The good news is that there were no injuries.

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