WARspy Los Angeles

By now you should know what WARdriving is – driving around with some equipment (basically a laptop with a wi-fi card) documenting where open & unencryped wi-fi networks are – and it’s so 2004. So what is WARspying and what does it have to do with Los Angeles? From the site:

WARspying is the process of viewing unencrypted wireless video channels, which generally do not belong to you. The usual reaction is one of two things; you’re either really impressed and want to know more, or you’re scared and wish you didn’t know anything about wireless video cameras. Based on either of these comments one would think that there would be some sort of internet culture of WARspyers right? Not so much.

If you do your internet research you’ll find that WARspying exists in the pages of 2600, the archives of TechTV/G4, and in the recently released Systm videos. Where is everyone? Where is the community that groups like WARdriving has? There isn’t one, yet.

WARspy LA is a group created to bring awareness of WARspying to Los Angeles. It’s a pretty big challenge, which is why we are currently focusing on only one region of the US.

They are organizing all kinds of challenges and events to find other WARspyers and start sharing info. Everything they learn, from locations to required equipment – will be posted on the site for everyone to see. The current challenge looks pretty interesting, like a high tech scavenger hunt – they have posted a few details about a camera and a screen shot from it and you have to go find where it is. I this kind of thing legal? Who knows. The people be hind the site are pretty in the dark about it too and have concluded that “The answer seems to be pretty unknown. It’s either completely legal, legal as long as the source is wireless and there is no audio, or everything is 100% illegal.” Looks fun regardless. [via MAKE: Blog]