Things that go GRRRR in the night

When I signed the lease at our place in Silver Lake there was a clause noting that this is a “wildlife area” and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see all kinds of wildlife up close and personal. In the last three years we’ve had everything from Skunks to Coyote come up and pretty much knock on our door which has been interesting to say the least. Since our place is set into a hill, some of windows are at ground level, including the one in our bedroom which when open during the night always provides the fun game of “what kind of animal is sniffing at the window now?” Neighborhood cats, racoons, we’ve had all kinds of things out there checking us out but last night, I swear there was a Tasmanian Devil at our window. I didn’t actually get a look at ’em but the “Grrrr oooowwww rrrrrr” noises it was making could really only have been from one of these Austrailan terrors. It sat outside for about 30 minutes chewing on something and making quite a racket. So yeah, anyone who happened to lose their pet TazDev I think I know where you should start looking.

6 thoughts on “Things that go GRRRR in the night”

  1. We have a pair of raccoons that lived on our house for a long time. They would get into quarrels and make the most ungodly noise. It sounded like a cross between a baby crying and some noise you drain would make when it’s clogged.

    The would jump around in the cypress trees so we called them Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. They’ve raised at least two broods of young’uns – maybe their progeny moved over to your street.

    Or they’re tasmanian devils … yeah, that’d be more fun. Keep your dogs inside – devils will eat anything.

  2. Not to rain all zoologically improbable on your devil parade, but might it have been bobcats like the ones I recorded in the Verdugos last year?

    Cybele’s suggestion of raccoons seems much more likely — oh hell why not: Tasmanian devils it is.

  3. Look, it was the middle of the night and it was pitch black, I’d just woken up and was super groggy and I didn’t bother to even get out of bed to go look at the little guy but judging from what I heard I’m 1000% sure it was a Tasmanian Devil. So there.

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