First Time at the Getty

getty070305.jpgToday I finally had a chance to check out the Getty Center. Normally I like art museums, but after walking around in the gardens, all the exhibits at the Getty felt dark and gloomy to me. I guess even great art has trouble competing with a beautiful summer day.

I took a few photos, including one of the smoggy view. (That’s the one thing that still totally grosses me out about living in Los Angeles. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to it.)

3 thoughts on “First Time at the Getty”

  1. I was at the Getty center too yesterday and actually spent more time outside than inside.

    First time commenting here. I’ve been a silent reader for a few weeks now.

  2. When i first came to l.a. a few years ago I was confined to the the USC campus about 98% of the time. In my entire freshman year i had maybe a handful of fieldtrips around the city, down to newport, up to sunset, et al.

    The last week before I left for summer break i went to the getty with a few girls and I thought it was the most amazing, remarkable thing I had ever seen. It was the first time I could stand above the city and above the smog and watch the sun set over the expansive city. I was an art history / fine art major, but I couldn’t be less interested in the horrible art within the museum, it was standing on the south balcony, looking out that kinda made me fall in love with the getty and with los angeles.

    It was also the default destination for any of my out-of-town visitors… an easy way to explain to them los angeles (i dont do the disneyland thing).

    Anyway, as I actually got to know the city and fell in love with everything i used to look down on from the getty, the museum lost all of its charm. Now when I’m there all I can think about is the 45 minutes of 405 traffic just to get 2 1/2 miles down to the 10 (though there is some beauty at looking down on all of those red lights at dusk). It’s got a great research center if you can find your way in, and it’s an okay place for a picnic if you’re on that side of town… To get the Getty experience, go an hour before sunset on a crystal clear day, check out the buildings bathed in golden light, skip the art completely, and watch the sun set on the city you love… then head out to Diddy Reese for an ice cream sandwich and a dozen cookies to go.

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