Not so hot

I just spent the week in Phoenix, and man am I glad to be back in L.A. The reasons are numerous, but the primary one is the temperature. It was over 110 degrees every day I was there! Never have I been so happy to be sitting in my loft in early July “suffering” the oh-so-high temperature of 82.

I coughed the entire time I was there. The people I talked to there told me the air quality was really bad in the summer and that was probably why. I was skeptical. (I grew up there, and it wasn’t that bad back in the ’80s, but their population has grown exponentially since then.) Then I came back to L.A. and within an hour of landing in our fair city, my cough stopped. Seriously.

Who knew the air in L.A. was so good?

(Relatively speaking.)

3 thoughts on “Not so hot”

  1. That happens to me every time I leave the area. I get a wicked cough and have trouble breathing. I’ve got mild asthma, so I use an inhaler when I get out, but the cough is gone in three or fours days. Then, the second I set foot back in LA County, the cough hits again and similarly flees a few days later.

    Now, after that charming TMI, I’ll just say that I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to have a jacked allergic reaction to leaving Southern California.

  2. I don’t usually have this problem – I travel almost every week for work and don’t get the weird cough/allergy action in most places. It might have been all mental for me, since I grew up there, and omg the memories.

    Also, omg the allergies. I can’t even go there in the spring when the orange blossoms are blooming.

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