This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Winner

I know, I know… it’s a bit of a let down to go from having a prize as cool as a pair of tix to next Wednesday’s Video Games Live, to one as “2004” as a sticker lampooning Duhbya, but whadya want for nuthin’…. rrrrrrrrubber biscuit? Bow bow bow.

And at least I stumped Mack “Daddy” Reed.

But I didn’t stump this week’s randomly selected winner Rosemary, who alleges to be in a relationship with the eye-catching installation’s creators. Relax, their just pals. She writes, “It’s at Materials Research on Silver Lake Blvd. near the 7-Eleven. My two friends from SCI-Arc (Gaston Nogues and Ben Ball) built it. It’ll be up there all summer. It’s called Maxmillian’s Schell.” Indeed, it is Rosemary. Indeed. It. Is.

tinytush.jpgThe next Mystery Photo Contest will happen Tuesday July 5 (winner of announced July 8). And yes, I promise to try and go out and get pix from places other than greater Silver Lake because I know there’s a great big city out there that all y’all live in. But I’m not saying when that will be.

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