Rock Prendido

cafetacuba.jpg One of the best advantages of living in a city like Los Angeles is that we get the best artists and bands of the thriving rock en espaÒol scene. They also visit other cities with smaller Latino populations, but the visits are less frequent and they may only perform on one night. LA Latinos get their picks of incredible acts.

This Saturday and Sunday some of Mexico’s finest of the rock en espaÒol scene will be in Southern California. CafÈ Tacuba, described by some as the “Mexican Beatles” will headline the Coors Light-sponsored (rather ironic) Rock Prendido 2005 shows at the Anaheim House of Blues on Saturday and the Gibson Amphitheater on Sunday.

CafÈ Tacuba is arguably Mexicoís greatest rock band. For over 15 years they have redefined what Mexican rock should sound like and consistently produced excellent music. Their music covers classic themes like love, loss, and struggle. However, they also give a glimpse of what life in the world’s most populated city is like, discuss Mexico’s colonial history, resistance, progress, industrialization, and various other themes relevant to Latin America. One of the reasons I love CafÈ Tacuba so much is because their music is as Mexican as you can get. It’s mixed, with indigenous, European, Latin American and American styles.

Kinky, a much younger band from Monterrey, will also perform both nights. I like them too, but not with the same enthusiasm as CT. The mixture of typical Mexican music combined with rock is much more interesting to me than electronica with Latin rhythms.

If you have tickets to the sold-out Anaheim HOB show, I’ll see you there. I’ll be the Chicana going crazy during “Chica Banda” and spinning around wildly to “Las Flores.” Good luck finding me.