Beach Bash this weekend… But Where?

Last week I posted about Halley’s Venice Beach Blog Bash she’s trying to put together this weekend. The “when” has been solidified, 12 Noon on the spot, but “where” is still up in the air. This morning Halley put the specific location details in my hands by asking:

“you’d be the man to give us a
landmark place to meet for our Sunday Venice Beach
Bloggers bash location. I don’t remember exactly the
best place to congregate. My back is still hurting
so make it easy access, I’m not in for some long

Which would be great, except I’ve never been to the beach. I’ve driven past it once or twice, but growing up in Florida and getting burned to death most days of the summer as a kid I kind of avoid the beach at all costs these days. So, where exactly to meet? I know J.Sto is all about the beach so I passed the buck off to her and she says:

“I don’t know Venice at all. I’m more of a Palisades/Malibu swimmer. And a
little south bay when it comes to beach parties. Maybe the site will have info:

In the past, for beach parties, we usually meet between two lifeguard
stands. (They are numbered.) I’m just not sure which two to tell you to
pick/where the good parking/volleyball nets etc are. You can also e-mail the LA Co lifeguards at captcan[AT] –
If you position the party question right then the capn will answer it. He
is helpful like that.”

So… we’ve got no location. Anyone know Venice Beach well enough to pick a landmark spot that everyone can meet up at easily?

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  1. Traffic’s gonna suck whatever you do. I’d try meeting at the end of Windward. Or in front of the Fig Tree Cafe or the Sidewalk Cafe (better bet). Or if you want a calmer part, meet at the Venice Pier at the end of Washington — you won’t be right in the middle of all the weirdness, but you can walk to it — although you may have to carry Halley 8-)

  2. If you’re looking for a good spot to hang out at on the beach with vollyball nets and not so many yahoo’s, I would recommend hitting the stretch of beach right in between Washington & Venice, where 26th place (the walkstreet) meets the beach. It’s a little bit of a walk from the lot’s and bathrooms. Also, the shops don’t start until you get to Venice Blvd, but that combo help’s keep the crowds down

    There is a great deli called the VTC (Venice Trading Co.) right at 26th Pl. & Pacific (1 block from the beach). The make great sandwhiches and carry Massimo’s awesome Gelato & pastries. Expect a bit of a wait, it’s a popular spot on the weekends.

    As far as vollyball nets are concerned, if you really want to play, a few of you should try to get there early and stake out a net. If they are all taken, ask someone if you can rotate in on a game.

    Since you’re meeting at noon you probably won’t find any street parking and the traffic will be pretty bad so you don’t want to spend alot of time driving around when you get down here. I would suggest going straight to the lots, either at the end of Washington by the pier or the end of Venice at the beach. If you want to save a few bucks, park at the lot on Venice and Pacific.

    Here is a link:

  3. Opps, so about that. It looks like my mapquest link jacked up the flow of things.


  4. If you meet at the Venice pier at the end of Washington, hit The Cow’s End for sandwiches or have a really good Mediteranean lunch at Gabi’s. Gabi, the owner, is almost always there. Beth is my favorite waitress. At The Cow, introduce yourself to Clebe Hartley, the owner, and tell him I sent you. Avoid the Italian place with the courtyard, and the Terrace, like the plague — their service SUCKS!

    So do the Cow or Gabi’s — you’ll love it.

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