Graffiti Archeology – LA Marathon

The NYTimes featured a story about web project called Graffiti Archeology. Notably the project shows the evolution of the graffiti buildup on the Belmont Tunnel. I was thinking about that when I passed by this mural on the 110 between the 10 and 101. When I moved to Los Angeles almost 13 years ago it was a vibrantly colored mural. Today, it’s all but obscured. So some websearching has revealed part of its past.

Here’s last week:

Here’s an undated one from
Now I’m interested in amassing photos of all the earlier versions of the mural and graffiti. Anyone have any photos they’d like to point me to? Or do you have documentation of other murals or walls and their layers of grafitti? If you want to contribute to the official Graffiti Archeology project, there’s a flickr group.

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  1. Check out the Myra Ave. underpass beneath Sunset Blvd. right now it is pencil sketched, the artist was out today and half of it is painted. could be an interested subject. my guess is it gets tagged within a week. if I can find my camera I’ll keep tabs on it

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