Where’s KC Armstrong… Answered!

As a longtime fan of The Howard Stern Show, one of the biggest questions I had that never seemed to really be addressed was “What happened to KC Armstrong, a longtime producer?”

Well, an interview with him has finally surfaced (perhaps to help promote his DVD), and as it so happens, he’s been performing standup comedy on Monday nights in, of all places, North Hollywood.

Hell, he’s even on MySpace. But then again, so is High Pitch Eric, and he’s apparently got more friends on there!

6/30 UPDATE: KC will be calling the show on Friday, July 1st to promote his DVD, so he’ll talk about what happened.

2 thoughts on “Where’s KC Armstrong… Answered!”

  1. thank you…you have answered a question that has a been haunting me off and on for months, but unfortunately the truth isn’t nearly as entertaining as the story i had made up in my head…i was convinced his obvious, deep hatred for women had provoked him to go on a serial murdering spree and that he was holed up in someone’s basement awaiting his next prey…

  2. That does sound like something KC would do, wouldn’t it? I’m sure his standup comedy act is disturbing, as according to the interview, he has a whole segment devoted to child molesters?

    But be sure to listen to the show tomorrow since he’s apparently calling to promote his DVD.

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